Should i trust my girlfriend on her iphone

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  5. Is sharing passwords with your lover a sign of trust or a step too far?

Finding a good purpose for a "digital leash". There are good purposes in readings people's mind too! There are also good purposes in installing hidden cameras and mics everywhere.

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  5. Is sharing passwords with your lover a sign of trust or a step too far?.

If you agree with "The end justifies the means" you can keep tracking, spying stalking your loved ones, but I believe that people have the ability to improvise in a non-usual situation, and they can be spontaneous too! Just the idea of depriving a person from making surprises is bad enough in my opinion. There is no doubt that sometimes tracking can be useful and practical in certain situations, but I'd prefer people to find a way around to solve things or get help without being watched over all the time.

Dealing With Relationship Insecurity - 10 Tips To Handle Insecurity

Especially my loved ones. Fair enough, Besian. The thought of squashed surprises hadn't crossed my mind actually, that's a good point! I'm a single woman and if I was married, I would feel safe that my husband knows my where abouts, crazy stuff happens in this world and its about safety not trust issues. I don't do anything, if I say I'm going to a store and I'm not back, I would feel safe that someone knows where I'm at just incase something happens to me. I always tell my friends the same thing, call me or text when you get in. I think people that have a problem with it something is wrong.

Morals, infidelity have nothing to do with it.

How to Track My Girlfriend's Phone Without Knowing: KidsGuard Pro

I remember when I dated my ex, the douchebag let me go home at 3 am alone. With no car I should have dumped him then. And all he said was text me when you get in?.

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  • I never traveled to his state to see him again. That was the last of it. I almost missed by bus too. My first love he would ride the Ferry, bus make sure I got home safe and then get on the ferry, boat and train and go back home and called me when he got in. Plus he did it to spend more time with me since we lived a distance from each other. He loved me and made sure I was safe. No man should let a woman travel alone.

    I told my ex off, and was like WTF is wrong with you? So if my husband wanted that on my phone and we had kids, yes put it on. Because you can't always drive and talk or text. I don't see a problem with it.

    Technology doesn't always work so if you are meeting up with someone, and an app stalls, if someone knows where you are, they can guide you. What about those kids that drowned years ago because they couldn't call and their parents had no idea where they were.

    So when that happen, cell phone companies put on the option that all people can call with or without service. In my mind there is a huge difference between being able to check my husband's location when convenient, and having a running list of every move he made through the day. He gets an automatic push notification when I leave work, because it helps with timing dinner. Exactly, it's about consent and intent!

    No one's forcing this on anyone, and most spouses honestly aren't curious enough. I don't have any desire to check where exactly my wife is and what she's doing, I just want to know whether she's on her way back so I can order dinner. It's permission based so they can turn it on and off at will and has features like "notify me" which allows me to get a notification when she leaves a location ie work so can put dinner in the over or stop playing on the Xbox and look busy ;-.

    This feature also came in really handy when I did find out she cheated on me. Saved me a lot of time on the grief process.. Sorry to hear that, but it's pretty cool that you did use it for the practical purpose for a while and it worked! Why are we opposed to corporations, governements or hackers tracking us but think it's OK to track our significant others?! Tracking is tracking no matter how you slice it, dice it, spin it or try to make it more palatable.

    Why I refuse to give my boyfriend my social media passwords

    Why does everything have to be an extreme perspective? Isn't there room for tracking to be good on an individual or co-opt basis, but not on a public or institutionalized basis? Why is it that people who were born and grew up in the Free World are so eager to surrender their civil rights?! How can one be for privacy and accept tracking for any reason?! Why don't we skip the posturing, the equivocating, the subterfuges, the rationalizations, the euphemisms and just implant everybody with RFID chips.

    You can then track all the "terrorists" for the "good of the country. Once you rationalize that it's acceptable to track your spouse because s he consented to it, it is then very easy to rationalize thousand other reasons to track your spouse or anybody else on the planet.

    How Tracking can be done on own Girlfriend’s iPhone Without Her Knowing via FoneTracker app

    Dragonmouth; perfectly formed and eloquent response highlighting the dangers of this type of surveillance, whether rationalized, consensual or otherwise. In short- I don't believe anyone who thinks that they would use this tool for mutual convenience is being truly sincere.

    Most will not be able to fathom the true ramifications of this type of behavior. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should does it? Mihir, perfect response. If there can be no conversation then that makes it no longer an opinion, but an inability to accept that one's own opinion could be wrong, or that it may only apply to speaker not the public. Dragon, anything can be expanded to the ridiculous.

    My wife and I have Find My Friends on our phones, so what is the point of it if not to be able to see if there's an issue? Frankly, if I wasn't answering my phone, and my wife wanted to check to see if I was somewhere that I couldn't answer, like work, then I wouldn't mind if she saw that I was at the hospital or broken down on the side of the road with a dead cell phone battery. If my car is still there when she checks 15 mins later, she'd likely come to see what's wrong.

    Is It A Lack Of Trust Or A Breach Of Privacy?

    To say that this also makes it acceptable to perform any kind of observation and intrusion jumps the fence to another topic. Just because I'm willing to eat sushi, doesn't mean I'm willing to try sushi from a street vendor in Seattle with no visible means of refrigeration, or hand washing. Thanks Michael. While I MAY agree with you on the practicality of the specific use of tracking you mention, I am opposed, on philosophical grounds, to the principle of tracking.

    We fingerprint our children to assist in tracking them in case of their disappearance.

    I track my boyfriend's movements because I want to trust him more, not less | The Independent

    Do you think the government should have the fingerprints of all the inhabitants? No, I never needed it. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Contact for proof of infidelity. Thank you for sharing such useful information. Contact us for concrete cheating proof.

    Is sharing passwords with your lover a sign of trust or a step too far?

    Why try so hard to cover your tracks if you have nothing to hide? Do you know pozzr. Is it for IOS, too? Wow, I hadn't seen this one before. It's really quite cool, thanks for sharing, Mike! Perfect example, John! I put very few limits on my relationship. My boyfriend, unlike some people I know , can freely dine with his friends of all genders. I trust him enough not to get a Tinder account on the side or be gross to women on Twitter.

    As long as he tips me off to his general plans, I have no problems. I don't ask for his password or read his texts for the same reasons why I don't forbid him from hugging women he knows or texting with attractive friends: He is a grown man. As a grown man, he should know that part of us being people who are in a committed, monogamous relationship is that he cannot cheat. You may have different comfort levels than I do and that's okay.