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Great spy tool for social campaigns. Amazing targeting abilities. Example: You can see what ads are being shown to 38 year old men who listen to country music and live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This spy tool was built by Wes Mahler, the guy that created Tracking back in the day. You create an account, type in a url and they show you their campaign information for free. But for our purposes today, all we need is the free account. Click here to go to Follow. You will then be asked to confirm your email address. To confirm, check your email and click the link they provide. Here is where the magic happens.

You can see in the image below that the website is getting more and more traffic every month. Using all of this data we can build a solid campaign that has a chance at being successful from the start. Click the menu icon in the top right of the dashboard to expand the menu settings for your account. From here you can choose which platform you wanna work with, manage your alerts and favorites and access your webpage downloader, where you can edit and deploy webpages on your own server.

For a limited time only you can take advantage of a free 2-day trial offer on each plan, so you can check it out for yourself absolutely free! This should give you enough time to get a feel for how the platform works to make sure you get the most out of your experience. SpyPush is an established push notification monitoring service, with a classy design.

Media buyers and affiliate marketers will like the platform for its clean interface and simplicity of use, combined with data from over , push ads. They additionally offer a free trial, so you can explore a limited version of the service at no cost.

WhatRunsWhere | Display, Mobile & Native Ad Intelligence

The trial is limited to a handful of GEOs, but in some cases, it should be enough to get you acquainted with the capabilities of the software. You have the option to select country, language, device and network and sort by time and activity and even save creatives to your favorites list. However, it lacks on some useful features like the CPC bid history. It monitors 15 ad networks and 70 affiliate networks in countries and has an impressive database of 7M ads. One of the cool features about SpyOver is the amount of segmentation you can use in your searches.

You can filter data by device, browsers, GEO, networks and tracks and sort by the date and duration of the creative. Use it to find detailed stats, graphs and data for each creative and explore landing pages by text, URL, copy title or even links. At the heart of the software is the purpose to uncover winning creatives and landing pages and apply these strategies to your own campaigns. A leader in competitive mobile intelligence, AdMobiSpy tracks over 6M advertisements in real time in countries and includes 6 pop networks and 23 ad networks. AdMobiSpy is the tool to use if you wanna find new profitable traffic sources for your campaigns.

Spy tools are essentially a way to identify profitable strategies which you can apply to your campaigns to increase your CTR and conversions. The interface itself will be familiar to those who have previously used push ad spy tools, but the presentation of the data stands out as being of particularly high quality and gives you instant visual feedback on the creative that you can put to use in your own campaigns. The freemium plan comes with limited ad results and a choice of 4 ad networks in 2 countries and is limited to 5 daily requests. They are also constantly adding new features, such as the CPC map, which can help you to optimize your spending in geographical regions.

This makes creating new ad copy for split testing your campaigns a breeze and, along with the organic search results for the keyword, should give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Redefined Internet Marketing blog

You can also use the tool to uncover keywords that your competitors may have missed, and find low competition keywords, as well as ones which are in high demand. The keyword magic tool can give you millions of keyword suggestions for your campaigns and, combined with the ad history and keyword difficulty tool, can make sure you pick a winner every time.

While some of the platforms reviewed on this list are primarily concerned with Push notifications, AdBeat takes a different approach and instead gives insight into competitive intelligence for the display advertising market. AdBeat includes access to data from ad networks in 20 countries, across 4 device types and can display ad data from Desktop, Mobile, Native, and Pre-roll ads. The scheduled alerts and reports are also a nice touch, and it sends you notifications any time one of your competitors launches a new campaign.

The platform also lets you track the advertiser you wanna follow, and you can additionally save creatives to favorites for later use. One neat feature is the LeadFinder integration which enables you to contact advertisers who could be suitable for partnerships. WhatRunsWhere has international coverage for over display networks and mobile ad networks.

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Spy them using ad spy tools! Track their actions and see how you can improve their creatives.

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  • Contrary to this, people click more on ads that look similar to the content. For example, Facebook feed ads and sponsored message ads. Native Ad spy tools come handy for solving this problem. Using these tools, you can gather the information before setting up new display ad campaigns, Facebook campaigns, and mobile advertisements.

    Now that you know the importance of the native ad spy tools, let us have a look at top 10 native ad spy tools that will help you enhance advertising campaigns. Anstrex is another powerful tool in the list of Native ad spy tools but it focuses more on Push Notification ad networks. It provides features like spying push ads, native ads, the total number of ad networks along with countries, Push CPC bids, etc.

    You also apply filters to search volume results like filtering by Ad Network, country, language and many more to get exact data about a specific ad. You can keep a spy on competitors Push Ads which are actively running in more than 92 countries. Also, you can get unlimited alerts on competitor activities. You can do a lot with Anstrex:. Get access to Premium Features of Anstrex native spy tool today. Once you login to the dashboard, use the search button to look for competitor domains, keywords, app names, etc.

    The creatives platform shows COD and Fake product ads.

    It allows finding popular ads very early from niches where ad trends change very rapidly. This link activates the best discount deal on one of the best native spy tool.

    Might be your competitor is already spying you with this paid tool. It provides you intensive insights into what type of ads are already successful for your competitors. For example, they provide different versions for spying like:. You can see campaigns running in more than 75 countries. Not just this, download the campaign creatives like banners, landing pages along with dependencies like CSS, javascript, etc.

    WhatRunsWhere Gets a Mobile Ad Spy

    Use the awesome spy features of adplexity only USD per month. Once you login to the portal, you will see a dashboard showcasing several ads. Using Advanced search functionality you can find the advert which is most relative to your campaign requirements. For example, it enables you to search by Ad headline keyword, Advertiser, publisher, device, country, language and many more.

    What Are Spy Tools?

    It provides you many features that reduce your spending on ad campaigns. For example, you can check more than 15,, advert campaigns on how many it has been viewed. Advault covers more than 13 networks running in 19 countries and also allows us to save favorite ads. You can easily find new keywords, products, advertisers and check all their top running campaigns by applying various filters.